President’s Message

Kazuo Hirano, President 平野 量夫

Based on the company credo "R&D is the way to contribute to the society and to be a sustainable manufacturer", since the foundation in 1918, our group, as a "development-oriented company", has been working on product development with technique and originality cultivated in more than a century of tradition. Thanking to customers’ support, the products that we handle have grown to be in the industry-top-class in terms of usage-versatility in each industrial field. With our serious consciousness of "customer satisfaction", we have been committing to quality, which is the fundamental of manufacturing, and have been proactively developing the products compatible with the various industries.

Even though the impact of the Covid-19 has been weakened in gradual manner, it is still difficult for everyone to have clear views of the global economy in the future due to the cost inflation of energy resources, the raw materials caused by the dispute of Russia and Ukraine., and the drastic fluctuations of exchange rate in currencies.

Even in such situations, for our metal products business, that is our principle business domain, we have a wide variety of products, including professional work tools, special cranes, material handling equipment, and jigs and tools for machine tools. Under the pursuit of efficiency and safety, in order to respond to various changes in the business environment in the future, we will enhance the product lineup from the user's perspective, and we will develop one-of-a-kind products that reflect needs in the field. Thus, we continue to work on further business expansion.

In order for us to realize business expansion, the renewals of the factory, the production facilities and the storage warehouse are in place with the purpose of the new products development and of the improvement for the management of quality, manufacturing, and logistics. We also reinforce the earnings structure to aim to improve corporate value as well.

In addition, we keep focusing on overseas markets, and we shall improve the brand image and recognition, to grow a global brand by appealing the products a Japanese company, by proactively expanding sales channels. Moreover, we shall realize adaptability to changes in the business environment in the new era, such as the recent global and rapid digitalization.

As a development-oriented company that has been continuing to create the products keeping with their times, our group will continue constantly to challenge innovation and aim to become a company in which the customers will put their best trust.

9 June 2023
Kazuo Hirano, President


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