RATCHET WRENCH, Double Size (Double Long Socket Type)RN1012WL~1921WL

  • RATCHET WRENCH, Double Size (Double Long Socket Type)


  • Optimal for tightening in the deep grooves of C or H shaped channels and angles.
  • Convenient for use on long bolts (U nuts of car-bodies and ducts).
  • The opening of the socket for change-over of the reversible type enables easy cleaning of sand and dirt, etc.
  • Lubricate before use.
  • All of the size have hole for safety rope(17x19 / 17x21 / 19x21 have 2 holes).

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Material Special Alloy Steel
Finish Green baked-on finish
Product Specifications Size: 10×12~19×21
Product Specifications All 12 sizes
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