RATCHET WRENCH, Double Size (With Bent Spear)RNB1719 / 1721 / 1921

  • RATCHET WRENCH, Double Size (With Bent Spear)


  • Ratchet wrench with bent spear suitable for tightening wire.
  • Exclusive type for construction related work.
  • Suitable for assemble and demolition of clamp for scaffold.
  • The opening of the socket for change-over of the reversible type enables easy cleaning of sand and dirt, etc.
  • Lubricate before use.
  • 2 holes for attaching a safety rope are provided.


Material Special Alloy Steel
Finish Nickel Chrome Plate
Product Specifications Size: 17×19 / 17×21 / 19×21
Product Specifications All 3 sizes
Product Information

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