SUPER SETTERFCW210 / FCW410 / 415 / 420



  • Square pipe is strong and lightweight using high tensile steel (STKT590).
  • Easy and flexible for temporary stabilizing of welded, steel structures, bridges and civil engineering work.
  • Optimal for assembling temporary structures and framing at civil engineering and construction sites.
  • Optimal for tightening and holding work, and also for expanding and supporting work.
  • Full set is available: FCW4000.
  • FCW210 is for light operation.

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Material Special Alloy Steel
Finish Nickel Plate
Product Specifications FCW210 Clamp range: 0~700mm
Product Specifications FCW410 / 415 / 420 Clamp range: 0~750 mm
Product Specifications FCW210 Depth: 100mm
Product Specifications FCW410 / 415 / 420 Depth: 100 / 150 / 200
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