LIFTING CLAMP for Panel / BeamPTC150 / 250

  • LIFTING CLAMP for Panel・Beam


  • Optimal for lifting and installation of wooden panels and lifting and movement of wooden beams for housing.
  • The spring type tightening lock mechanism assures a positive initial clamping force even under no-load condition.
  • The releasing of tightening lock mechanism with remote control avoids the dangerous operation of removing the clamps from the panel at high places.
  • One side of the urethane pads with spikes ensures a tight and safe clamping. One side with urethane rubber prevents the surface of panels from being damaged.
  • The clamping force increases in ratio with the weight of the load.
  • Attention: Always use this clamp in pair with a balance.


Material High Tensile Steel
Finish Yellow Baked-on finish
Product Specifications Capacity: 150 / 250kg
Product Specifications Clamp Range: 60~140mm (Adjustable in 4 phases) / Clamp Range: 80~180mm (Adjustable in 5 phases)
Product Information

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