INTERNAL EXPANDING LIFTING CLAMP for U-shaped concrete gutters (Pad type)BUC240N

  • INTERNAL EXPANDING LIFTING CLAMP for U-shaped concrete gutters (Pad type)


  • Clamp dedicated for lifting JIS reinforced-concrete U-shaped Gutter/ JIS fallen-lid type U-shaped Gutter (300A only for nominal 300/Information box U-shaped Gutter(Capacity adjustable).
  • Holder for preventing the cracking of U-shaped gutter attached. (Never fail to use this together with the Unit.)
  • The clamp will not interfere with a leveling string and will not need a clearance between concrete structures.
  • Changeover to unlocking can be made easily by one-touch control of the stopper.
  • Applicable types of works are : JIS U-shaped Gutter 240, 300A/B/C and JIS Fallen-Lid-Type 250 and 300A, which shall be up to 2m in length.
  • Durable polyurethane rubber is attached on the pad portions so as not to damage the interior of the U-shaped gutter.


Material High Tensile Steel / Polyurethane
Finish Purple baked-on finish
Product Specifications Capacity: 500kg
Product Specifications Clamp Range: 1st stage: 220~240, 2nd stage 260~290mm
Product Specifications Wire Rope / Ring
Product Information

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