LIFTING CLAMP for Concrete Material (Polyurethane Pad Type)CGC250N / 500N

  • LIFTING CLAMP for Concrete Material(Polyurethane Pad Type)


  • For machine use and ideal clamps for the lifting and handling of reinforced concrete U-shaped gutters, U-shaped flume channels, L-shaped panels, concrete shelf boards.
  • The polyurethane lifting pads will not mar the surface of the work piece.
  • Changeover to unlocking can be made easily by one-touch control of the stopper.
  • The clamping force increases in proportion to the weight of the load.
  • ※Always lift work pieces at 2 or more points for safety.


Material High Tensile Steel / Polyurethane
Finish Purple baked-on finish
Product Specifications Capacity: 250 / 500kg
Product Specifications Clamp Range: 30~140mm

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