VERTICAL LIFTING CLAMP for Reinforcing Rod (Double-Lock Type)TVC1L3 / 5

  • VERTICAL LIFTING CLAMP for Reinforcing Rod (Double-Lock Type)


  • This clamp is for the safe vertical lifting and handling of pre-assembled reinforcing steel rods, irregular shaped steel bars and round bars.
  • When the clamp is high out of reach, the center lever type open lock can be operated with the remote control rope to lock the clamp into the open position.
  • The side stopper on the side of the body will engage when the remote control lever is moved to upward. The side stopper can prevent reinforcing rods from coming off due to pressure from the rods.
  • The special alloy steel cam is high-frequency quenched for maximum strength and durability.
  • When clamped onto a reinforced steel rod, the curved holding plates and the cam will generate a positive clamping force to securely hold the work piece.

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Material High Tensile Steel
Heat Treatment Welding Structure
Finish Baked-on finish
Product Specifications Capacity: 1ton
Product Specifications Applicable diameters: φ16~41(size: D35~D51)

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