VACUUM CHUCKSVA2025 / 2540 / 3035 / 3560

  • 真空チャック


  • Instantly suck and fix a workpiece with air from a compressor, and used with processing machines such as a machining center or an abrasive machine.
  • Since it is equipped with a vacuum ejector, no other vacuum pump is required.
  • Easy start up just by connecting a tube of a one-touch valve to a compressor in your factory.
  • Due to air sucking, suitably used for non-magnetic materials as stainless steel, aluminum or resin.
  • While the valve is off, a small amount of air flows out of 1mm dia. vacuum hole, which largely prevents any foreign materials from going into the hole.
  • With the equipped pressure-reduction valve, saving air consumption is possible with economical use by the adjustment of vacuum.
  • Easy maintenance as most parts are easily accessible by opening the front panel.
  • Two-unit combined use is made possible with holes of hexagon bolts at both sides.
  • Use solid clamps to fix the unit to a machine table.

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Material FC300
Finish Parallelism: 0.01mm/100mm
Product Specifications Table Size: 200×250 / 250×400 / 300×350 / 350×600 mm
Product Specifications Max. vacuum: 1.31 / 2.84 / 2.99 / 6.16 kN
Product Specifications Max. air consumption: 30 / 60 / 60 / 100(ℓ/min)
Product Specifications N.W.: 9 / 19 / 20 / 40 kg

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