SCREW CAM CLAMP (Universal Shackle Type)SCC0.3W~6

  • SCREW CAM CLAMP (Universal Shackle Type)


  • Universal clamp for lifting of a large variety of different shaped steel, ranging from steel plates and structured steel to curved and spherical shaped steels.
  • This omni-directional clamp can lift, hang, turn over, and pull steel structures.
  • This clamp is equipped with a screw cam(spherical universal designed), which provides an extra powerful clamping force on the work piece at no load and even when vibrations occur during operation.
  • When the clamp is under a load, the cam will tilt in accordance with the weight of the load. This tilting of the cam will increase the clamping force and cause the teeth of the cam and pad to bite harder into the work piece.

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Material Special Alloy Steel
Heat Treatment Die-Forging
Finish Baked-on finish
Product Specifications Capacity: 0.3~6ton
Product Specifications Clamp Range: 0~28mm to 0~75mm
SCC0.3W / 1W are for 50~100mm

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