VERTICAL LIFTING CLAMP (Lock Handle Type with Universal Shackle)SVC0.3E~2E

  • VERTICAL LIFTING CLAMP (Lock Handle Type with Universal Shackle)


  • Lightweight clamp primarily designed for the vertical lifting of steel plates.
  • The spring-loaded tightening lock mechanism assures a positive initial clamping force even at no load condition
  • The universal shackle allows the cam to generate a clamping force on the work piece no matter which direction it is pulled.
  • The clamping force increases in proportion to the weight of the load.
  • High-frequency quenching of die-forged special alloy steels gives greater durability to the cam.

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Material Special Alloy Steel
Heat Treatment Die-Forging
Finish Baked-on finish
Product Specifications Capacity: 0.3~2ton
Product Specifications Clamp Range: 0~16mm to 0~32mm

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