MAGNETIC SCREW SUPPORT (Long Stroke Type) PAT.PMSS90LS / 150LS / 220LS / 310LS


  • Usable for both horizontal and vertical Jig with magnet.
  • Optimal for supporting heavy duty and adjusting clamp height, and also preventing vibration when grinding.
  • Middle male screw makes long stroke (1.5~2 times).
  • Innovative screw support to solve the difficulty of scratched work and deposition after turning male screw in loaded situation.
  • The adjustment of middle screw can be easily done with light strength since upper screw and lower screw have different pitch in the same direction.
  • Preventing the screw from loosening by lock screw (with lock piece).

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Material S45C
Heat Treatment HRC35~47
Finish Black Paint
Product Specifications Stroke(mm): MSS90LS(60~90), MSS150LS(90~150), MSS220LS(120~220), MSS310LS(150~310)
Product Specifications Allowable Load(kN): MSS90LS / 150LS(80kN), MSS220LS / 310LS(150kN)
Product Specifications 2pcs per set (Accessory: Hex Wrench 1pc)
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