SCREW CAM CLAMP (Double Eye Type) PAT. [NEW]SWC0.5N / 1N / 2N

  • SWC1N


  • This screw clamp is for all-purpose uses such as lifting up and down, lateral (horizontal) pulling and turning over.
  • When used in horizontal pulling, screw can be easily tightened from the top (Operators can tighten the screw when installing on to the beam over the head).
  • The round shape cam has mechanism to return back to original position by spring power.
  • Attention: Tightening torque of the screw should be more than 25N・m (Abt.250kgf・cm).

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Material Special Alloy Steel
Finish Champagne gold paint
Product Specifications Capacity: 0.5 / 1 / 2ton
Product Specifications Clamp Range: 0~25 / 0~40mm
Product Specifications Attachment: 17x21 Double Ratchet Wrench (Short Type)
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